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Car Search: Car Hire
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Car Search: Car Hire
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The advantages of car rental

Car rental is a convenient and flexible way to get around. When you rent a car, you have the freedom to take the route you want, visit the places you want to see, and stop when you want. You can travel comfortably by car without having to worry about the maintenance and parking of your car. In many cases, car rental also offers lower rates than conventional car rentals. Plus, with the special offers and discounts available online, you can save even more on car rental. Finally, booking online allows you to compare different models and possibly get great convenience in car rental.

How to choose the right company

Choosing the right company is one of the first steps to ensure a perfect car rental. Before making any choice, it is important to find out about the reputation of each company, comparing reviews on different platforms and current offers. Furthermore, the customer support offered by each of them can be decisive in the final choice. So, before making any online booking, always make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the agreement with the chosen company.

What type of car to rent

When it comes to renting a car, choosing the right vehicle is essential. The ideal would be to look for a car that offers good value for money and that meets your mobility needs. If you must travel with children or pets, make sure the car is spacious enough for all of you to fit comfortably together. Also, inquire about any additional services provided by the company such as child seats or built-in GPS. If you decide to drive in rural areas, it is advisable to rent a car with 4x4 capabilities to tackle rough terrain. Otherwise, if you plan to drive in the city, you should opt for a compact model with low consumption and low emissions. Choosing the right car can make the difference in your journey and make it more comfortable and economical at the same time!

Online bookings: advantages and disadvantages

Reserving a car rental online can have both advantages and disadvantages. First, booking online offers convenience and is often cheaper than booking on site. Plus, you have access to more options, including better rates and special offers. However, booking online does not always guarantee the desired car will be available on arrival, as there may have been changes to the rate or changes in vehicle availability. Furthermore, you may incur additional costs if you decide to delay picking up your rental car. Therefore, before making an online reservation for your car rental, make sure you read all the applicable terms and conditions in order to possibly avoid unforeseen expenses when picking up the vehicle.

Advance booking rules

Advance booking is often the best way to get the perfect car rental. If you plan ahead, you're more likely to choose from a variety of affordable vehicles and potentially save up to 25%. Before booking, make sure you know the rules of your preferred company. Some offer special offers for loyal customers, others require a deposit after booking is accepted. Also, remember that rates are subject to rapid change – so always check your quote online before making your advance booking.

Autonoleggiofrank is perfect in every point. Our company with over 20 years of experience is present in Rome, Naples and Catania. More info? contact us now!

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Rome Naples and Catania

Car Hire Frank is an independent company. Our system compares prices of well known car rental companies ensuring you have the option of booking a car at the right price in each place, combined with the constant commitment to meet the needs of our clients.

24/7 Customer Support

Qualified staff, fluent in English, Spanish and French, will offer additional services: hire without a credit card, hire equipment and accessories such as a car seat and GPS pickup and delivery where you want.

Car fleet always renewed

We have a large fleet of vehicles, new and constantly renewed every 12/18 months to ensure efficient services and meet your every need for mobility.

Loyal customers

Today, our company has relied on various types of customers, from domestic and foreign tourists to entrepreneurs, business leaders who increasingly find in our fleet an alternative to gaining more profitability.

Locations in Rome

Roma Termini bin. 24: Via G. Giolitti 34, 00185
Phone:+39 06 48913412

Roma Bufalotta: Via della Bufalotta, 127
Phone:+39 06 87134322
Fiumicino Point: Viale Coccia di Morto, 8 - 00054
Tel./Fax: +39 06 48913412

Locations in Florence

Address:Garage Redi - Viale Francesco Redi, 53 - 50144 Drop Point Garage Excelsior - Via Palazzuolo, 94 - 50123
Phone:+39 348 1614903

Locations in Naples

Address:Viale Umberto Maddalena 55A, 80144 Napoli (Aereoporto Capodichino). Parcheggio Via Milano, 104/106 - 80142 (Napoli)
Phone:+39 08118750724



Stazione FFSS Roma Termini bin. 24

Address:Via G. Giolitti 34, 00185 Roma
Phone:+39 06 48913412


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