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You don't want to buy a car but do you need autonomy?

Discover the Low Cost car rental! Reduced rates in major cities and airports for car rentals even without a credit card!

The advantages of car rental

Compared to the purchase, car rental allows the exclusive use of a car to move comfortably with a personal vehicle but without having additional costs or the so-called "maintenance costs" for the car.

We have created a guide for you, where we show you with data and examples the features and advantages of renting compared to leasing and buying a brand new car. 

Buying a car is a big expense that not everyone is ready to bear.

As the data show, car rental is an increasingly choice option compared to buying and leasing a car: the formula proposed by specialized companies provides for the rental of a car or commercial vehicle in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

First of all, most car rental companies have a zero down payment. All you have to do is pay the monthly fee without any kind of additional fee.

  • The contract is flexible and can last between 36 and 48 months. If the agreement changes after a certain period, the company is required to make a calculation based only on the period of time during which the car was used, without excess costs.
  • A long-term car rental agreement is characterized by a fixed cost, including a package of services from maintenance to insurance. There can be no economic variations in this sense.
  • This formula ensures that various bureaucratic obstacles are removed, with considerable time savings.
  • Such a contract provides for the supply of a car that is always new and therefore to its full potential.
  • In the event of a road accident, the car rental company takes care of the various practices and provides a replacement car, without any concern for one's road mobility.

Renting a car online:

Renting a car has become even easier! You only need a few minutes and a few clicks to book a personal car directly from the car park.

Receive a personalized quote:

  • Comparison of the best offers
  • Free payment without credit card obligation
  • Helpline
  • Numerous rental locations throughout Italy 

Search for rental cars conveniently online

Find car rental offers! 

Save on your rental car by looking for the best car rental deals on Frank Autonoleggio! Our platform www.autonoleggiofranksrl.it presents you the best offers on car rental to help you find the cheapest rental car. If you are looking for a car rental at the airport or simply a low cost car rental in your area, you can compare hundreds of car rentals and immediately find the best offers on our platform.

Low cost car rental Naples

Are you ready for a trip to an unforgettable place?

Naples, splendid pearl of Campania, will welcome you to show itself in all its splendor! 

Our car collection and delivery points are particularly convenient as they are located in easily accessible areas such as the Naples airport and at the Tav Afragola station.

 With a car rental in Naples you can enjoy the beauties of this fascinating city without giving up the convenience of an efficient service such as that offered by Frank Autonoleggio. 

Connect to our portal, filter the search according to your needs and evaluate the best choice among the many offers proposed. Our site will be able to compare all the rental car offers in various points of Naples to offer you a wide range of choice at the best price guaranteed.

With the car rental service in Naples you will allow yourself the luxury of visiting the city in autonomy, flexibility and convenience; once you arrive on site (via the motorway, the railway or via a flight from the nearby and connected airport) you will not have the thought of checking the timetables of public transport, so no restrictions on timetables and routes ... whatever the reason takes you to this beautiful Italian metropolis.

Rent a car in Rome

Frank Autonoleggio has numerous offices in the main Italian cities: in particular at Rome Termini railway station, Rome Point Bufalotta, Fiumicino Point, Rome Point viale dei Sardi.

Rome, a wonderful Italian city, represents an enchanting urban ecosystem, a wonderful mix of historical and natural wonders, silent witnesses of ancient times.

Visiting the capital can therefore be a wonderful journey to discover places rich in art and culture. Car rental in Rome can be a much more valid solution than public transport as it allows you to avoid having to submit to schedules and constraints and then remember, the prices of public transport in large cities are not that low. If we were to give you some advice, we would first of all start by telling you that if you decide to rent a car in Rome, you should prefer to rent a City Car.

Agile and agile cars in the controls like City Cars, are the ideal choice for those who need to move around the city for both work and pleasure.

Where to start? There is more history than you can see in a single visit ... but the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the Pantheon are the three destinations that most people consider unmissable. The city is a living testament to its history and its evolution over the years. In addition to the prestigious culture, the city is equally appreciated for its cuisine. Cozy trattorias, Michelin-starred restaurants, outdoor cafes ... experience the gastronomic value of Rome!

If you are in the mood for some shopping, via Condotti, one of the trendiest streets in the world, is definitely the right place. 

Have you decided to rent?

Discover info and prices on our cars! Just enter the rental date and you will discover all the cars available and the cost of our fees.

Rent at low prices on the website: www.autonoleggiofranksrl.it


Rent a Car
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Car Hire Frank is an independent company. Our system compares prices of well known car rental companies ensuring you have the option of booking a car at the right price in each place, combined with the constant commitment to meet the needs of our clients.

24/7 Customer Support

Qualified staff, fluent in English, Spanish and French, will offer additional services: hire without a credit card, hire equipment and accessories such as a car seat and GPS pickup and delivery where you want.

Car fleet always renewed

We have a large fleet of vehicles, new and constantly renewed every 12/18 months to ensure efficient services and meet your every need for mobility.

Loyal customers

Today, our company has relied on various types of customers, from domestic and foreign tourists to entrepreneurs, business leaders who increasingly find in our fleet an alternative to gaining more profitability.

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Locations in Naples
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Phone:+39 06 48913412


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