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Collect your rental car at Roma Termini station! Find out how convenient it is with FrankAutonoleggio!

The summer period has arrived and with it tourism is also growing strongly. Many tourists traveling to the capital reach Rome by train. The Roma Termini station is one of the most comfortable and accessible and is the main train station in Rome but also in all of Italy.

Imagine how convenient it can be for a traveler to choose to rent a car and collect the vehicle directly at the station. In this way you avoid problems when traveling, the journey is not very stressful and you can immediately start your holiday.

If you have organized your trip to Rome and you will arrive by train, the car rental in Rome Termini is the ideal solution for you. Here is some useful information on car rental at Rome Termini station , who to trust, what the rates are and how to book a car online for your trip.

Information on the Roma Termini railway station

The Roma Termini station is one of the largest railway stations in Italy, as well as one of the main transport hubs in the country. Roma Termini station offers many advantages to those who choose to rent a car from here: it is close to many attractions and there are many parking options available nearby.

The railway station consists of 32 tracks and is the largest station in the nation. Roma Termini is the closest railway station to the city center located near Piazza dei Cinquecento . In a few minutes by car you can reach the center of Rome and then move independently according to your itinerary.

Frank Autonoleggio: the best car rental company at Rome station

For car rental at Rome Termini station , choose Frank Autonoleggio!

We have a large fleet of cars including vehicles of all categories. We offer the utmost seriousness and an inimitable service. With us the car rental is without a credit card !

You will find us near Platform 24 of the railway yard. Our rental car collection and delivery service is active 24 hours a day! Our staff is available to respond to any of your requests. You can request any extra services such as child seats or GPS navigators.

The advantages of car rental in Rome Termini

If you want to travel without stress, renting a car in Rome Termini is the best option. Here are the advantages of car rental at Rome Termini station:

  • Convenient and convenient location: as soon as you arrive at the station we will immediately deliver the rental car you have booked.
  • Easy parking: if you want to explore the attractions located nearby, you can park your car without difficulty and then resume your itinerary.
  • 24 hour service: Our staff is available 24 hours a day to collect and deliver the cars.
  • You will avoid traffic jams and uncomfortable roads: Starting from Piazza dei Cinquecento you will easily reach the main streets of the capital.
  • You can move from the station to the center in a simple way but also explore the surroundings by accessing the main highways, enjoying a fast, autonomous and safe driving experience;
  • You can choose between small city cars or large luxury cars: we have cars in every category to suit your needs.
  • You will not have to worry about the distance from the hotel or the place where you will stay. Thanks to the car rental in Rome Termini you can travel independently so it is not necessary to find accommodation near the point of arrival. Hotels near the station are getting more and more expensive.

How do you book a rental car in Rome Termini?

If you want to rent a car in Rome it is very convenient to pick it up at the train station. To book a rental car at Roma Termini station, just book the booking form that you find online on the home page of this website. With Frank Car Rental you will not need your credit card! You can pay however you want!

The advantage of renting a car at Termini Station in Rome online is that you will avoid queues at the rental office and the car will be delivered to you immediately. If you do not want to waste time unnecessarily, we therefore recommend that you book your rental car in advance.

If you want to rent a car at Termini Station in Rome, know that this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can book a rental car online but also by telephone by consulting our call center service or by writing to us directly on WhatsApp (+39) 06 48913412.

Online booking offers many offers and discounts at various times of the year. Discover our low cost offers!

Would you like to rent a car at Rome Termini station? Do it without a credit card!

Frank Autonoleggio offers a car rental service at Rome Termini station without a credit card !

Once you have booked the car, your journey will be very simple. We will deliver the car directly near the Roma Termini station. From here, you can move wherever you want!

Book your rental car in Rome Termini now! Simply enter the place and date of rental in the online booking form to view the available cars and then complete the procedure by entering your details!

Simple right? Book your rental car now! The earlier you book, the more you save!


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Car Hire Frank is an independent company. Our system compares prices of well known car rental companies ensuring you have the option of booking a car at the right price in each place, combined with the constant commitment to meet the needs of our clients.

24/7 Customer Support

Qualified staff, fluent in English, Spanish and French, will offer additional services: hire without a credit card, hire equipment and accessories such as a car seat and GPS pickup and delivery where you want.

Car fleet always renewed

We have a large fleet of vehicles, new and constantly renewed every 12/18 months to ensure efficient services and meet your every need for mobility.

Loyal customers

Today, our company has relied on various types of customers, from domestic and foreign tourists to entrepreneurs, business leaders who increasingly find in our fleet an alternative to gaining more profitability.

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