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Luxury can be shown in various ways, through jewelry, watches, clothes, apartments, but the best luxury is undoubtedly the one on four wheels.

Who does not aspire to have a luxury car in his hands? A beautiful car, with breathtaking aesthetics and exceptional performance, able to offer a high level of comfort to all passengers, better equipment and a greater perception of quality than standard machines!

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Rome luxury car section 

The Luxury Cars section in our catalog comes to life from the desire to guarantee you a unique driving experience.

Give yourself a dream car, a masterpiece of the automotive industry, and spend your vacation or your business trip in full comfort and style. The collaboration between Auto Europe and the main companies in the world guarantees a wide variety of luxury cars, from real sports cars to majestic Limousines. Frank Autonoleggio offers you some of the most prestigious cars ever, including: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati.

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Frank Autonoleggio also offers Limousines for any event and high-performance cars suitable for all your requests!

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Unlike other rental companies, we offer you a convenience in the service that you will not easily find elsewhere. AutonoleggioFrank makes car rental quick and convenient directly online and without any deposit. 

The collection / delivery points

To comfortably reach the various destinations inside and outside the city, two collection and delivery points are already active within the metropolitan area:

Termini Station. The point is located on Track 24.
The station is the beating heart of the Roman transport system, the ideal starting point to leave for any destination.
Rome Point Bufalotta.
Located north of Rome, convenient for moving to various points of the city and for moving outside the city context

Visit Rome in style

Rent one of our Luxury Cars now
Organize your car rental in Rome, choosing the car that best suits your preferences on the AutonoleggioFrank website.

The performance of the luxury models is superb and you will be able to live a unique and difficult to repeat experience that you will not easily forget. Our cars are the ideal compromise between technology and design. The first emotion is felt simply by looking at them. Clean, aerodynamic lines designed to cut through the air and tame the road. Awaken your emotions! Travel with us and choose the car you want! 

Rome: The perfect itinerary

Take some time to admire the capital, organize your trip to Rome and take advantage of our rental service quickly and easily with just a few clicks!

Rome is considered the eternal city, a place where the architectural, historical, artistic and cultural wonders are different and unfold over several centuries, starting from antiquity to reach the present day.

According to tradition, it was founded in 753 BC. and it was the first great metropolis of humanity, the Latin language was born here and was the capital of the Roman Empire, the Papal States and the Kingdom of Italy. Inside, Rome houses the enclave of the Vatican city.

In the itineraries most loved by tourists there is certainly the Basilica of San Pietro, still one of the largest churches in the world. The Basilica stands in the place where, according to tradition, the apostle Peter was buried. The construction of the current Basilica lasted about two hundred years and was the work of various artists, including Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini. The dome was designed by Michelangelo. Inside the Basilica there is the famous statue of Michelangelo's Pietà. Outside, the Basilica is characterized by a colonnade of 284 Doric columns, designed by Bernini, which seems to embrace the faithful.

One of the most famous monuments in the world is probably the Colosseum, whose real name is Flavian Amphitheater. The Colosseum was commissioned by the emperor Vespasian and was intended for gladiatorial combat and games, and for hunting simulations with exotic and ferocious animals.

Another symbolic monument is the Trevi fountain. The fountain takes its waters from one of the oldest Roman aqueducts and depicts Ocean on a shell-shaped chariot, pulled by sea horses, led by tritons. According to a legend, pulling a coin into the fountain ensures a return to the eternal city.

The Pantheon, dedicated to the worship of all the gods, was built by the emperor Hadrian between 118 and 125 AD. on the remains of a previous temple. In the dome of the Pantheon there is a large circular opening, Oculus, 9 meters wide, which lets in sunlight, or rainwater, which is then captured by holes in the floor. Since 1870, inside the Pantheon there are the remains of the kings of Italy and the great Renaissance artist Raffaello Sanzio.

For lovers of archeology, the obligatory stage of the tour are the Imperial Forums, which extend between the Capitol and the Quirinale. It was Julius Caesar, in 54 BC to command the construction of a new square, given that the ancient Republican Forum was no longer sufficient for the huge empire he had built. Over time, the Forum of Augustus, the Transitional Forum and the Trajan's Forum were added to the Forum of Caesar.

Among the most beautiful squares in Rome we point out: Piazza di Spagna, which opens in front of the Pincio hill, at the foot of the Trinità dei Monti staircase; Piazza Navona, built where the Stadium of Domitian once stood, is today a meeting point with street artists and outdoor cafes; Campo de 'Fiori, market in the morning and nerve center of nightlife in the evening, was once the stage for public executions.

Finally, don't forget to visit the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel known all over the world both for being the place where the Pope's conclave and other official ceremonies are held, and for being decorated with some of the best known works of art and celebrate the frescoes of Michelangelo Buonarroti of the western artistic civilization.

It is considered perhaps the most complete and important of that "visual theology.

Plan your trip to Rome now!

Car rental in Rome is an ideal solution for those who want to visit the capital, but also the surroundings of the city.

The Lazio region is rich in important cultural and natural attractions.

Present at Fiumicino airport and in Rome Termini, AutonoleggioFrank will make car rental quick and convenient.


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Car Hire Frank is an independent company. Our system compares prices of well known car rental companies ensuring you have the option of booking a car at the right price in each place, combined with the constant commitment to meet the needs of our clients.

24/7 Customer Support

Qualified staff, fluent in English, Spanish and French, will offer additional services: hire without a credit card, hire equipment and accessories such as a car seat and GPS pickup and delivery where you want.

Car fleet always renewed

We have a large fleet of vehicles, new and constantly renewed every 12/18 months to ensure efficient services and meet your every need for mobility.

Loyal customers

Today, our company has relied on various types of customers, from domestic and foreign tourists to entrepreneurs, business leaders who increasingly find in our fleet an alternative to gaining more profitability.

Locations in Rome
Roma Termini bin. 24: Via G. Giolitti 34, 00185
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Roma Bufalotta: Via della Bufalotta, 127
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Tel./Fax: +39 06 48913412
Locations in Florence
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Locations in Naples
Address:Viale Umberto Maddalena 55A, 80144 Napoli (Aereoporto Capodichino). Parcheggio Via Milano, 104/106 - 80142 (Napoli)
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Address:Via G. Giolitti 34, 00185 Roma
Phone:+39 06 48913412


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