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Naples car rental without credit card

Are you planning a holiday in Naples? Book a rental car for the summer!

Naples is a city that has a lot to offer for families, couples and even solo travelers. The city is known for its historical and artistic wonders but also for the beautiful beaches located in the surroundings and its beautiful promenade. If you want to explore every corner of the Neapolitan city and the surrounding areas, renting a car in Naples is the right solution!

Enjoy your holiday in Naples without worrying about transport!

Visiting Naples in the summer will certainly be a beautiful and out of the ordinary experience. If you are planning your trip now, the first thing you should do is book a rental car ! This way you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about transport. The best part about renting a car in Naples is that there are many different companies that provide this service at affordable prices and you don't have to spend a fortune!

In this regard, you can rely on Frank Autonoleggio! Our car renting company offers the best low cost rates for car rental in Naples ! We have cars of every category available to satisfy any driving need.

Naples and its beautiful history

Naples is one of the oldest Italian cities with a wonderful history. The city has been an important center for the Roman Catholic Church for centuries and is still home to some of its most important monuments.

Naples has a long history of art and culture that dates back to ancient times. Its rich architectural heritage includes ancient Greek temples, Roman ruins and Renaissance palaces; it is also famous for its vibrant street life and nightlife.

The city was founded as Parthenope which means "port of doves" from Greek mythology. It was refounded as Neapolis by settlers from Cuma, who built a new city on top of the old one, using the stones of the previous buildings as building material for the new ones. In some cases there was not even a break between buildings and people simply moved into their new home without demolishing its predecessor.

In 1815 Naples became part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies until 1861 when it became part of Italy as part of the unification process after the unification of Italy (Risorgimento).

Visiting Naples on board a rental car

There are many places you can visit during your stay in Naples. Surely, car rental will give your trip a lot of independence of travel. For this reason, you can create an itinerary by car and take the most interesting stops within the city.

Naples is a popular tourist destination and has many attractions to offer. The city has hundreds of churches, palaces, museums and historic buildings, as well as some of the most scenic waterfront in Europe. The landscape that the city offers is truly impressive. The view of Vesuvius on the horizon, the streets of Naples and the whole city as a whole constitute some of the most important beauties of our country.

The best way to see Naples is by car rental because it gives you the freedom to explore the city at your own pace and needs. Renting a car in Naples will allow you to visit the main attractions such as Piazza del Plebiscito and Palazzo Reale without having to worry about public transport or taxis (which in Naples are very expensive).

Car rental in Naples without credit card

Would you like to book a car for your holiday? Choose Frank Car Rental! Our car renting agency offers a car rental service in Naples without a credit card . Frank Autonoleggio offers a vast fleet of cars for any need. With us, you will surely find the car you need!

Make your holidays in Naples special! Book a car now and pay as you want! Even in cash! Car rental is without a credit card !

Since the demand for our cars is very high for the summer months, we advise you to book your car in advance in order to ensure availability but also to save on the rental cost. Hurry up! Now the rates are really affordable!

What are you waiting for? Book a rental car now for your summer in Naples! You will need a few clicks! Fill out the online booking form by entering the place and date of rental, you will see information, available cars and prices!


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